Station Adoption & Volunteers

We welcome members of the Community of all ages who have an interest in volunteering, Community rail and making a difference in our local community stations and environs. We have opportunities for Organisation volunteer days, event assistants, gardening, station enhancements, station checks and projects.

You can choose to volunteer individually,  as a group of friends, family or as an Organisation looking for Community volunteer days. Either helping out at our events, on a project or at the station.

You can also opt to become Station adopters. Station adoption has been one of the many successes of the Community Rail movement. More than 1,000 adoption groups have been formed nationwide. As well as engaging thousands of people in volunteering, bringing people together and creating pride in station and community, these groups play a critical role in making their stations welcoming, pleasant and attractive places.

Generally, a key aim of the group is to improve the ambience of the station and its environs, thereby making it safer, more secure, attractive and encouraging more people to use it.  Members undertake a wide variety of activities ranging from feeding in comments, station tidies, to provision of station enhancements such as gardens, planters, art work and signage.

As a Station Adopter you can do as ‘much or as little’ as you like with other ‘like- minded’ members. Creating a sense of community inclusion, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to make a positive difference to their community and forge lasting friendships.

Station adopters also have opportunities to attend networking events with other Community Rail Partnerships and the annual national Awards events.

Over the years we have worked with individuals, local schools and organisations including Network Rail, AECOM, St Columba’s School, Youth Connexions St Albans, Watford Mencap in association with Building Better Opportunities and Communities 1st St Albans helping out with events, station improvements and projects.

So if you if have any ideas for beneficial community events or volunteer please, get in touch with our Partnership Development Officer via the Contact page.